In 2002, Dimitri decides to become an independent and he buys his first wheel crane in the name of “Grondwerken Dimitri Pauwels”. At first, he works mainly as a subcontractor. But soon, he finds out that this work is his passion. And in 2005, his father, Willy, also becomes enthusiastic.  He closes the doors of his butcher’s shop and buys a truck and so he starts, together with Dimitri, "Pauwels & Son Ltd".
During the years, the machinery is expanding, wheel crane, crawler crane 18T, crawler crane 25T, tipper truck 6x4 , mini crane 5.5T, semitrailer 6x4, flatbed trailer 6x4, tractor, soil transporting chart, salt spreaders, snow blades, wheel loader, .... .
Dimitri designs, with the help of a friend, a machine to break concrete roads. Early 2011, he buys a similar existing machine and orders for a new and heavier machine to be build, so thicker concrete can be broken.
Early 2012, a second company “Pauwels Roadbreaking Ltd” is started. 
Today, the company consists of Dimitri and his father, Willy, 4 full time laborers and two part time administrative employees, his sister Cynthia and his wife Heidi.
In May 2012, Pauwels & Son Ltd, obtains the VCA* certificate, as safety is an important issue to them.
The best proof of our enthusiastic and professional approach are our many satisfied customers.
Companies, as well as individuals, can rely on our services.

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